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As the popularity of Esports continues to increase so to do the number of gamers who have ambitions to go pro.

Many gamers looking to go pro are unsure as to who they can turn to, to help them improve their edge and their gameplay. With prize money now rivalling mainstream sport, getting above the competition is all the more important. Gamers need to know that when they employ a coach, that the coach has the necessary skill set that they need and that they have invested their own time in developing their own professional skills.

Through IFoEC's  partnership with University of Portsmouth  you now have the opportunity to undertake the world's first  ESPORTS COACHING AND PERFORMANCE BSc (Hons) degree.  Starting in September 2022 you will have the option of completing the degree via distance learning or on campus.

For further details visit the University's website at:

We will also soon be offering you exclusive accredited coaching courses that provide both online and live learning opportunities. Each course successfully completed will provide you with credits that can be used towards other higher-level esports courses.


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